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Book cover design. Organized models and props, shot and edited the cover.
Worked with the client on their desired logo. Hand sketched various ideas, and digitally fleshed out the one they wanted.
Magazine Cover Design for Mutiny Magazine, cover photo provided by STARS for Black Sails.
Pinup Photoshoots, and calendar design.

May I introduce myself –

Mr. Hunt; Creative manager, visual artist, stage specialist, designer & producer

Working mainly in USA Cal.

Here is just a taste of the wide range of different work I have created, as well as been a collaborated apart of.

Other Areas of Work

Book Cover Design

Logo Design

Corporate Identity

Event Banners / Posters

Creative Experiences

Executive Asst to Sunweaver Creative
Setting up events, building displays, back drops. Working on graphics for Awards & Conventions. Include ( Anime Awards, AX, The Farscape Anniversary Party & other Jim Henson studio events ).

CBS – Studio City
Of the past 10 years I have worked with CBS at different events held on their lot. From the CTFoundation, to their 4th of July Event. I provided entertainment for the kids, as well as designed banners, signs, backdrops for advertising and photo op booths for guests.

Executive Asst. to SYPHER
Providing photography, setting up event rooms and decorations, as well as graphic design for Tea Labels, Post Cards and other event art. ( The images below are of Tea Label designs, before their finalized version. )

There is so much more of my work I want to display and share, please come back often as I update and do check out my instagram for mot recent projects.

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